I walked along a trade show aisle some years ago not really looking for anything in particular when I noticed these amazing unique handbags.  Myself, I used only 1 bag till it died, but staring at these bags I thought 'wow' I could do something with these, and that's when my business adventure with handbags began. Party Planning and Markets came first.

After some years of travelling the city and country side in my big van I thought I needed to have a home base for my business so my first shop was born ...

From there I have opened further stores but unfortunately had to  leave my first born which was very emotional as It was there it all came together.

I look for the unique, not mainstream, handbags. I research, do my homework on what is out there and what I can offer my customer's that is different.

We deal with small suppliers who have limited quantities ensuring there isn't mass production runs of the same handbag.

We have won a number of business awards and have been inducted into the Blue Mountains Regional Business Chamber's Hall of Fame 

I am blessed to have a husband who followed me to make my dream come true but it still could not have happened if I didn't have the right people around me and the greatest support team ever ...

Our commitment to you is that we will be honest, trustworthy, friendly, and treat you they way we expect to be treated. If we have an issue we will work it out  to obtain a positive outcome for all...  

Thanks for dropping in !